In 1957 the Minnesota Nurserymen’s Association created the Minnesota Nursery Research Corporation (MNRC). MNRC collects voluntary payments from propagators of ornamental and fruit introductions from the University of Minnesota.

U of M Funding

Generous MNRC participants are dedicated to supporting research science and breeding efforts. They believe in the development of cold hardy, disease resistant, prolific and profitable future cultivars and varieties.

MNRC Supporters

Since its inception in 1957, many nothern nurseries, vineyards and orchards have supported the MNRC mission. A list of recent supporters is available on this page.


Sesquicentennial Sun Chrysanthemum

‘Sesquicentennial Sun’ mum is a frost-tolerant cushion variety featuring long-flowering double gold blooms. Its “Golden Gopher” like color led to it being chosen to help celebrate 150 years of University of Minnesota floral breeding achievements in 2001. Species: Chrysanthemum ‘Sesquicentennial Sun’ Introduction:…

Peach Centerpiece Mum

‘Peach Centerpiece’ mum produces amazing double-quilled blossoms in a remarkable peach hue. The unique appearance adds eye-popping interest to your cutting garden and vases. It also features a tall, upright growth habit and 2-4 inch flowers. Species: Chrysanthemum ‘Peach Centerpiece’…

Northern Sun Forsythia

The bright yellow flowers of forsythia appear before the leaves, signaling the arrival of spring. ‘Northern Sun’ was bred to flower in early spring despite cold temperatures. Species: Forsythia ‘Northern Sun’ Introduction: 1982 Blooms: Late April Flower Color: Yellow Height: 8-10 feet…

True North™ Kentucky Coffeetree

True North™ Kentucky coffeetree is notable for its narrow, upright-oval crown and superior branch architecture. It is a seedless, male specimen, so there are no messy seedpods to clean up. Like all Kentucky coffeetrees,True North™ is a tough, adaptable tree…

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Frontenac blanc

This is the newest member of the Frontenac family! In the vineyard, Frontenac blanc performs identically to Frontenac and Frontenac gris. Very productive, vigorous, immune to downy mildew, and hardy to near -36F.

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Frostbite™ Apple Tree

Known as MN 447, Frostbite™ is an older cultivar that has been used as a parent in breeding apples at the University since the 1920s. Its fruit is small to medium in size, but is very firm, crisp and juicy. It is extremely hardy to USDA Zone 3b (-30 to -35°F). Its small size and unique flavor make it an excellent cider apple.

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