Minnesota Nursery Research Corporation

Princess Kay Flowering Plum

Princess Kay flowing plum was discovered in the wilds of northern Minnesota. It’s small frame packs a punch in early spring when a profusion of double flowers, white and fluffy, appear amid the branches.

As the flowers age, they take on a slight, pinkish hue providing a second wave of color. The blooms are also fragrant, which provides a special garden experience and attracts pollinators.

  • Species: Prunus nigra ‘Princess Kay’
  • Introduction: 1986
  • Height: 12-15 feet
  • Spread: 10-15 feet
  • Zones: 2-6

Stately Manor™ Kentucky Coffeetree

Stately Manor™ Kentucky coffeetree features a more narrow, upright-form than commonly found in the species. It is a seedless, male specimen, so there are no messy seedpods to clean up. Its, unusual, deeply furrowed bark adds winter interest. Like all Kentucky coffeetrees, Stately Manor™ is a tough, adaptable tree that can tolerate heat, drought and a range of soil pHs.

Kentucky coffeetrees lack significant diseases or pests making them an excellent alternative to ash.

  • Species: Gymnocladus dioicus ‘Stately Manor’
  • Introduction: 2002
  • Height: 60-75 feet
  • Spread: 40-50 feet
  • Zones: 3-8

Autumn Splendor Buckeye

The Autumn Spendor buckeye is popular for its stunning maroon fall color, and its tolerance of de-icing salts makes it a good boulevard tree. It has showy flowers in late spring and shinny nut-like buckeyes in fall.

  • Species: Aesculus ‘Autumn Splendor’
  • Introduction: 1980
  • Height: 35 feet
  • Spread: 30 feet
  • Hardy to Zone: 3B

Redwing Raspberry

Redwing is an early fall bearing raspberry with hardy, medium-sized fruit. As a primocane-fruiting cultivar (“fall-fruiting”) Redwing was primarily compared to other primocane varieties during performance trials.

  • Species: Rubus idaeus ‘Redwing’
  • Introduction: 1986
  • Height: 6 feet
  • Width: 4 feet
  • Hardy to Zone: 3B

Nordic Raspberry

Nordic is a red raspberry cultivar with medium-sized, pleasant tasting berries. Originating from a cross with Boyne and Fall Red, Nordic has consistently been ranked superior to Boyne for fruit firmness, skin strength and flavor. Good for freezing.

  • Species: Rubus idaeus L. ‘Nordic’
  • Introduction: 1987
  • Height: 3 feet
  • Width: 3 feet
  • Hardy to Zone: 2B
  • Yield: 3–6 lbs / bush

La Crescent Grape Vine

La Crescent is very cold hardy and features medium-sized clusters. Wine has flavors of apricot, citrus and tropical fruit. Moderately disease resistant.

Species: Vitis ‘La Crescent’
Type: White Wine
Introduction: 2002
Zones: 4-8

Alderman Plum Tree

Alderman produces beautiful burgundy red plums with golden undertones that are soft and sweet and excellent fresh or for preserves. Fruit is of large size and named after Professor W. H. Alderman. Very attractive and valued as an ornamental. Bears fruit the second season after planting and should be planted with ‘Superior,’ ‘Toka,’ or ‘Compass’ as pollinators for best fruit set.

  • Species: Prunus ‘Alderman’
  • Introduction: 1986
  • Bloom Date: Mid Season.
  • Ripening Date: Last August
  • Height: 10-15 Feet
  • Width: 12 Feet
  • Zone: 4-8

Summercrisp Pear Tree

Summercrisp is a hardy pear tree that produces greenish fruit with a red “blush” to it that eventually features a yellowish color. The pears are 3 to 4 inches in length and 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 inches in width. Leaves are dark green, glossy and oval-shaped, and create a bushy-looking pear tree.

  • Species: Pyrus ‘Summercrisp’
  • Introduction: 1985
  • Bloom Date: Early May
  • Ripening Date: Mid August
  • Height: 12-15 Feet
  • Width: 8 -12 Feet
  • Zone: 3-8

Polaris Blueberry

Polaris is a cold-hardy, early ripening variety. The berries are aromatic and very sweet. Fall foliage is red and white blooms cover the plant in the spring.

  • Species: Vaccinium ‘Polaris’
  • Introduction: 1996
  • Height: 30-40 inches
  • Spread: 30-60 inches
  • Zones: 3-7
  • Yield: 3–8 lbs / bush

Northsky Blueberry

Northsky’s compact habit makes it an excellent choice for Northern gardeners dealing with extreme winter conditions. Its berries are small to medium sized but firm and flavorful.

  • Species: Vaccinium ‘Northsky’
  • Introduction: 1983
  • Height: 12-18 inches
  • Spread: 24-30 inches
  • Zones: 3-7
  • Yield: 1–3 lbs / bush