Minnesota Nursery Research Corporation


Northern Lights Azalea

The beautiful and fragrant pink blooms of ‘Northern Lights’ azalea started a plant revolution when it was first released in the late 1970s. A seedling strain from a cross between R. x kosteranum and R. prinophyllum, ‘Northern Lights’ is reliably…

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Mandarin Lights Azalea

‘Mandarin Lights’ azalea is an extremely hardy selection and provides a massive display of bright, mandarin orange blooms in the spring before the foliage emerges. The mall mounding form with lustrous green foliage is excellent for use as an accent plant, or for…

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Lemon Lights Azalea

‘Lemon Lights’ azalea’s fragrant flowers are a beautiful yellow, with both a lighter shade of yellow on the outer edges of the petals, and a more gold toned throat of the flower. It has a more narrow upright form than other varieties…

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