Minnesota Nursery Research Corporation


Keepsake Apple Tree

Striped red, juicy, moderately tart fruit good for eating and cooking. The fruit will store for 2 to 4 weeks. Tree is susceptible to fire blight and somewhat prone to biannual bearing. Species: Malus domestica Parentage: Mantet x Oriole Introduction:…

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State Fair Apple Tree

Very hard and crisp with yellow flesh and an exotic sweet, spicy flavor. Good for fresh eating and cooking. The fruit will store for 6 months. Tree is of medium vigor and easy to manage.  Species: Malus domestica Parentage: Malinda…

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Frostbite™ Apple Tree

Known as MN 447, Frostbite™ is an older cultivar that has been used as a parent in breeding apples at the University since the 1920s. Its fruit is small to medium in size, but is very firm, crisp and juicy. It is extremely hardy to USDA Zone 3b (-30 to -35°F). Its small size and unique flavor make it an excellent cider apple.

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Sweet Sixteen Apple Tree

Crisp and juicy with exotic yellow flesh and a very sweet, unusual sugarcane or cherry candy flavor. The fruit stores for 5 to 8 weeks. Tree is very vigorous. Fruit may be subject to premature drops. Species: Malus domestica Parentage:…

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