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Patton’s Silver Splendor White Pine

‘Patton’s Silver Splendor’ white pine was selected after a decade of screening by U of M researchers following propagation by Robert F. Patton at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. It has exceptional resistance to white pine blister rust, which threatens to…

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His Majesty Corktree

  Corktrees get their name from their deeply furrowed and soft corky bark. The fast-growing ‘His Majesty’ develops an open spreading crown with course branches and dark green foliage. This male selection produces no seeds or fruit and therefore is…

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Stately Manor™ Kentucky Coffeetree

Stately Manor™ Kentucky coffeetree features a more narrow, upright-form than commonly found in the species. It is a seedless, male specimen, so there are no messy seedpods to clean up. Its, unusual, deeply furrowed bark adds winter interest. Like all…

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Autumn Splendor Buckeye

The Autumn Spendor buckeye is popular for its stunning maroon fall color, and its tolerance of de-icing salts makes it a good boulevard tree. It has showy flowers in late spring and shinny nut-like buckeyes in fall. Species: Aesculus ‘Autumn…

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True North™ Kentucky Coffeetree

True North™ Kentucky coffeetree is notable for its narrow, upright-oval crown and superior branch architecture. It is a seedless, male specimen, so there are no messy seedpods to clean up. Like all Kentucky coffeetrees,True North™ is a tough, adaptable tree…

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