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Category: Blueberry

Superior Blueberry

‘Superior’ is a most productive cultivar with firm berries that are light to medium blue, having flavor that is balanced and pleasant. It matures the majority of its fruit about 1 week later than other blueberry varieties. Species: Vaccinium ‘Superior’ Introduction: 2009…

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St. Cloud Blueberry

St. Cloud blueberry matures earlier than ‘Northblue’ and features a more upright habit compared to other U of M varieties. Its sweet flavor is superior to ‘Northblue’ and similar to ‘Northcountry’. Species: Vaccinium ‘St. Cloud’ Introduction: 1990 Height: 30-48 inches Spread: 30-40 inches…

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Polaris Blueberry

Polaris is a cold-hardy, early ripening variety. The berries are aromatic and very sweet. Fall foliage is red and white blooms cover the plant in the spring.

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Northsky Blueberry

Northsky’s compact habit makes it an excellent choice for Northern gardeners dealing with extreme winter conditions. Its berries are small to medium sized but firm and flavorful.

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Northcountry Blueberry

Northcountry offers exceptional wild blueberry flavor. A reliably cold-hardy variety, Northcountry ripens in late June to early July. Its glossy green foliage turns scarlet in fall.

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Northblue Blueberry

'Northblue' Blueberry

Northblue’s large, dark blue, firm berries have a good, fresh flavor. Its compact habit makes it a great option for zone 3 gardens. Berries ripen mid-season and the foliage turns a combination of yellow, orange and red in fall.

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Chippewa Blueberry

Chippewa is a very hardy hybrid blueberry with a compact habit and beautiful fall color. It is the most productive of all U of M blueberry varieties, producing huge crops of large, sweet light blue fruit in mid summer.

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