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Category: Flowers

Sesquicentennial Sun Chrysanthemum

‘Sesquicentennial Sun’ mum is a frost-tolerant cushion variety featuring long-flowering double gold blooms. Its “Golden Gopher” like color led to it being chosen to help celebrate 150 years of University of Minnesota floral breeding achievements in 2001. Species: Chrysanthemum ‘Sesquicentennial Sun’ Introduction:…

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Peach Centerpiece Mum

‘Peach Centerpiece’ mum produces amazing double-quilled blossoms in a remarkable peach hue. The unique appearance adds eye-popping interest to your cutting garden and vases. It also features a tall, upright growth habit and 2-4 inch flowers. Species: Chrysanthemum ‘Peach Centerpiece’…

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Snowstorm Gaura

‘Snowstorm’ is a vigorous gaura with abundant, continuous pink and white flowers. It flourishes in both cool and warm locations, even in extreme heat and drought. Species: Gaura lindheimeri ‘Snowstorm’ Introduction: 2008 Bloom Color: Pink and White Bloom Period: Early Summer, Summer, Late…

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