Minnesota Nursery Research Corporation

Category: Berries

Superior Blueberry

‘Superior’ is a most productive cultivar with firm berries that are light to medium blue, having flavor that is balanced and pleasant. It matures the majority of its fruit about 1 week later than other blueberry varieties. Species: Vaccinium ‘Superior’ Introduction: 2009…

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St. Cloud Blueberry

St. Cloud blueberry matures earlier than ‘Northblue’ and features a more upright habit compared to other U of M varieties. Its sweet flavor is superior to ‘Northblue’ and similar to ‘Northcountry’. Species: Vaccinium ‘St. Cloud’ Introduction: 1990 Height: 30-48 inches Spread: 30-40 inches…

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Redwing Raspberry

Redwing is an early fall bearing raspberry with hardy, medium-sized fruit. As a primocane-fruiting cultivar (“fall-fruiting”) Redwing was primarily compared to other primocane varieties during performance trials. Species: Rubus idaeus ‘Redwing’ Introduction: 1986 Height: 6 feet Width: 4 feet Hardy to Zone: 3B

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